Who We Are

Head-quartered in Jakarta, PT. Errai Pasifik was established in 2013. We are a group of software development professionals who has high passion on new technologies. We collaborate with our clients in US, Europe and Hong Kong to deliver teleconference solutions. Together, we build applications to enable ubiquitous teleconference experience which allow people to get together and collaborate. Working with people around the globe gives us the opportunity to share different cultures and acquire new ways of thinking. Creativity grows as we brainstorm and discuss on new possibilities to always introduce better solutions. We always bring the implementation of the newest technologies to the applications we build. We have the opportunity to work with some of the latest web technologies, build mobile applications on popular platforms like iOS and android, and automate some of our tests with latest automated testing suites. In order to deliver reliable solutions while keeping ourselves responsive at all time, we adopt agile methodology. We always review our software development process to find the best fit to our organization. On top of that, we are progressing toward a fully-automated build process through Continuous Integration (CI).

Knowing that our work is being used by thousands of people from different continents is very rewarding. The days when customers half across the globe goes out of their way to express their appreciation of the work we did, are the days we are going to cherish for the rest of our lives. We value people who give their best effort on everything that they do. We believe that it is important to have fun sometime. We are trying to build a fun work environment where we feel comfortable at the office.

We are agile

Building good applications is a challenging task. It requires both technical capabilities and outstanding management skills. One of the nature of software development is that it involves uncertainties. We may be faced with unpredictable situations. However, it is something that we cannot avoid. An excellent team work is really important to deal with this kind of situation. On top of that, our ability to be responsive to changes is also paramount. We are required to be able to take quick and reasonable decisions. We always have each others back. Being agile is not only being responsive to change but also about making the right decisions.

We continuously learn

We believe that office is a place for our team to grow their personal capabilities. We always support everyone to learn new things at work and outside work. Everyone is encouraged to work on something that they are interested about. Since we collaborate with our clients in different countries, we are expected to have a good communication skills and continuously improve our English. The company encourages everyone to take courses that they are interested in, as long as it is relevant to their roles. There is always a room for everyone to learn together.

We love to have fun

A good working ambience leads to high motivation at work. We are trying to build a casual and fun working environment. It is understandable that we may find difficulties at work, that's where we usually take a break, enjoying a cup of coffee. After a long day of working, sometimes we play console games to have fun. There are times where the team is busy with a big project, where we are expected to give our best. On the other hand, there are times where we celebrate our achievements by going vacation, watching movie or having dinner together. The accomplishment feels more rewarding when we celebrate together.

Our Story

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Our Core Team